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Canvas posters four-colour printed used in outdoor advertising

Silk-screen printing with water based inks


For many years now in Florence, most of the outdoor advertising campaigns have been carried out with posters printed on canvas, placed on lampposts. The fabric is printed with non-toxic environmentally friendly water based inks which are weather resistant and washing machine proof. After an [...]


The size of each canvas is about 51.2x86.2 In (130x219 cm). Full bleed printing: about 46,5x65 in (118x165 cm); Weight: about 3.8oz/yd2(130 g/m2); Composition: cotton/polyester blend filament – very stable and resistant – also used for tablecloths and sheets. Water based inks are specific for silk-screen prtinting [...]

Possible uses

Imagination is the only limit to the possibility of creating objects with various applications. These canvases are printed in small numbers which enables us to create items with the same shape and purpose but always different from each other. Every item is therefore unique. Some example of reuse: patchwork for home design, [...]

Samples and availability

We have in stock canvases from hundreds of different advertising campaigns. Every canvas is in excellent conditions, they just have to be washed. Canvas are for sale in stock, the minimum quantity is 100 pieces. You can contact us using the form in the contact page and we will provide you with an estimate based on [...]